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Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 9 Textured

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 9 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! Today I went with my Zoya pixie dust.
I love both of these polishes, the colours are beautiful and I think the sparkle on them is great!20130709-064553.jpg

Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 5 Skittles

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 5 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! It’s skittles day! I love skittle nails-multi colour is my favourite!


Now are you thinking what I thought? These colours are just like actual skittle sweets…

Well I couldn’t resist, they looked just like skittles so I had to add an ‘S’ !



The colours I chose are so similar to actual skittles! What do you think?!


Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 2 Blue

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 2 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! I went with Barry M blueberry under an Avon glitter mosaic polish for this mani but it all went a little wrong! I don’t really like the Avon glitter mosaics, they just don’t seem to…’crack’. You can hardly see it!


I dislike how you can hardly see any crack effect but I like the colour!


Nail Challenge Day 30: Recreate your Favourite

Hi beauties-it is the last day in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today is the recreate your favourite day. It’s crazy to think it has been 30 days since we started this journey, I am so happy with myself that I managed to do each and every day! Well done to all my fellow bloggers who have done some fabulous nail designs over the 30 days – I am forever inspired by you all!

So which mani to recreate? Well I chose the floral day-I couldn’t resist! You know I have a weakness for pretty florals!



My recreated floral is much the same as my original-I just changed the colours. I couldn’t chose a favourite design out of the two if I had to-I love them both! I like the springy colours and how they make my nails look all pretty and girly. I think lilac will be my next floral base.

I cannot believe this is the end of the challenge. Quick Julie, come up with something else for us to do!!

Nail Challenge Day 29: Inspired by a Song

Hi sweeties, it’s day 29 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge, can you believe there is only one day left?! Today the theme is inspired by a song, and I chose a simple one-Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake.



I have seen this mani around in the nail world but had never tried it, so I thought this was a perfect chance! A simple suit and tie. I think this mani is really cute!

Click here to watch JT – Suit and Tie

Nail Challenge Day 27: Inspired by a Tutorial

Hi nailies, it is day 27 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme today is ‘inspired by a tutorial’.

My tutorial is taken from The Beauty Department …’Bow Mani’.



I love The Beauty Department blog, so I had to choose one of their tutorials. This is a real pretty, girly manicure that you could do with any colours! I chose to keep my colours the same as the tutorial but I love it as it is so adorable!

Nail Challenge Day 26: Gradient

Hi beauties, it’s day 26 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is gradient.



I chose to do this challenge on my toes. I chose Barry M ‘lychee’ as a base and Nina Pro ‘Call the Coppers’ as the glitter gradient. I also used an Avon gold glitter a part of my gradient. I used a sponge to create my gradient by painting the copper and gold glitter onto plastic, then picking it up with a cosmetic sponge. Although when I was painting it, I thought it was turning into a disaster, I am quite impressed with this pedi! It’s so sparkly!

Nail Challenge Day 25: Metallic

Hi all, it’s day 25 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is metallic.

I couldn’t chose which one design to go for, so I went for a variety!



I used many of my crackle polishes for this effect. My thumb is a Boots magnetic polish, then I have opi silver shatter on my index and pinkie, another Boots gold crackle on my middle finger and Barry M crackle on top of gold on my ring finger.

Quite like this, interesting!

Nail Challenge Day 24: Tape Mani

Hi beauties, it’s day 23 in Julie’s 30 day challenge and today the theme is tape mani.



I went for a simple tape design as I hadn’t got much time for the colour to dry. When I did my previous tape mani (click here to see) I waited a whole day for the colour to dry, and painted over the tape a day later. These spangly colours remind me of a mermaid.

Nail Challenge Day 23: Caviar

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to day 23 (already?!!) of Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is caviar.

I am so shockingly terrible at applying caviar, I got more on my table than my nails!



I can’t seem to get it on properly and when it is on, neatening it up is a pain! I think, apart from plaid day, this is the worst mani I’ve ever done! If you want to see a real caviar mani, head over to Chark’s blog, she’s just done a fabulous rainbow caviar mani-it is amazing!

This was an embellish kit from primark for £2.50-another one of my bargains.