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Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 8 Matte

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 8 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! Today I went with my 60 second polish ‘grey matter’ and I used the technique I spied on Jacqui’s blog here. I loved the cloud design so decided to try it out!
First I started with this:

Then after using my Rimmel Matte Top Coat, I ended up with this:


Love this simple feature nail-it’s so simple yet so effective!


Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 2 Blue

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 2 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! I went with Barry M blueberry under an Avon glitter mosaic polish for this mani but it all went a little wrong! I don’t really like the Avon glitter mosaics, they just don’t seem to…’crack’. You can hardly see it!


I dislike how you can hardly see any crack effect but I like the colour!


Denim Polish

Hi girlies, it appears that I have been MiA over the last week! I have been so busy that I have only painted my nails once, and that was my cupcake mani. I was very impressed because it lasted so well for 4 days, tip wear was really the only issue.


I have drastically cut my nails short and square as the damage to the tips is becoming very noticeable even with ridge filler. My nails seem to be very weak and peel easily. I think I need some ‘MAXIMUM GROWTH DAILY NAIL GROWTH PROGRAM’ or a Sally Hansen growth product as Jacqui at Craftynail mentions, to see if that will help my brittle nails. Any other suggestions?

I was walking through Asda (Wallmart) the other day browsing the beauty items when I saw a Denim polish for £3! naturally I had to buy it! Ciaté Denim Manicure retails at £12 so I had to try Asda’s version!

I loved the consistency and matte finish of the polish. It goes on beautifully and covers very well. I added some ‘stitching’ detail with my Barry M nail art pen.


What do you think? I didn’t have this mani on long because I wasn’t happy with the stitching on my right hand!

Nail Challenge Day 8: Zig-Zag

Hi all, today is day 8 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and the theme is zig-zag.



I have an Avon overload with this mani, I used all Avon colours! I painted a chevron type shape on each nail and used my matte top coat. I wanted to do chunky lines rather than thin zig zags, hence my design. I’m hoping that my nails look like a big zig zag when they’re all together :)

Feather Mani #1

Here is a feather mani that I was inspired to do by the Nailasaurus – amazing tutorial here.

I went to HobbyCraft and purchased some feathers to try out my little experiment.


If you follow the tutorial on the Nailasaurus you can see exactly how to prepare your feather and stick it to your nail.

Here is my first attempt:


I love the effect! I also used Angelic Rainbow Glitter and Rimmel Matte Pro to create an unusual effect!