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Sunshine Award

Hi everyone, Jacqui over at Crafty Nail has nominated me for the Sunshine Award! Jacqui’s blog was one of the first nail blogs I ever followed and I was inspired by her super nail art and I am more and more inspired with every post! I am so amazed that people find my crazy nail polish obsession inspiring, so thank you Jacqui, you are a true inspiration!

The rules of the Sunshine Award:
• Thank the person who nominated you
• Post the award logo on your blog
• Share 7 facts about yourself
• Nominate 5 or more other blogs that inspire you


7 Facts About Myself:
1. I have 2 older sisters, one is 17 years older and the other is 14 years older than me!
2. I have an obsession with phone cases. I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 last weekend and already have 7 cases for it :-S
3. I drink mainly decaffeinated beverages; I’m not a big fan of caffeine.
4. I have 4 tattoos.
5. I drive a little blue Chevrolet Spark.
6. I am a blood donor and feel fabulous thinking that my blood may save someone’s life.
7. I love buying and wrapping gifts; as you can imagine, I love Christmas!

My 5 Blog Nominations:
1. Megan at Blondes Love Cupcakes – Always inspiring me with a fab nail design.

2. Lisa at The Polish Playground – Lisa is so lovely, always leaving me encouraging comments. Love her blog.

3. Buy all the Colours – We have the same ideas… Do I really need 6 different shades of purple nail polish? Probably not…But I’ll buy them anyway.

4. Nicole at Polish Me Please – Her Zoya Pixie Dust gradient is to die for!

5. The girls at Polished Prescription – They use nail art as a creative outlet like me!

I know you bloggers may already have these awards or not want to participate, but you all inspire me and that is what this award is all about :)

Thanks Jacqui for nominating me and thank you to all my lovely followers, you are all brilliant!

Multi Nails Inc. Watercolour/Animal Print

Hi all, boy have I impressed myself with this nail design!

I saw Jacqui’s Watercolour Nail Art Tutorial over on her blog Crafty Nail and decided to give it a go.

I followed Jacqui’s tutorial and chose 6 Nails Inc. colours for my watercolours.

20130525-012635.jpg I also wanted to do a little design with my Barry M nail art pen over the top of my watercolour.

As Jacqui says, this method is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You literally paint a white base coat, wait for it to dry, then put your coloured blobs on your nail in any position. The next step is to lay your plastic bag over your nail and press lightly to spread the colours out.
This was a few of my plastic bags after I had laid them on top of my polish blobs.


When you remove the bag, the effect reminds me of water marbling but it is a quicker and easier method!

Once I had my watercolour toes, I wanted to add a little something and it had pained me to remove my animal print pedi, so I decided to do a similar design as last time but over the top of my multi watercolour nails. So I did a mixture of leopard and tiger stripes over the top. This is how they turned out:

I am so impressed with the overall result! I absolutely love this design! It’s so bright, summery and unique; every nail is different. This is a new favourite technique of mine – thanks Jacqui!