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Liebster Award… Wow! (Word heavy post!)

Wow Brijit from Brijit’ Digits has nominated me for a Liebster award! I am so flattered that I got nominated! As most of you know, I’m relatively new to the blogging world so to receive this nomination…it blows my mind! Brijit is fabulous-her nail designs are brilliant and I am always stalking her blog looking at her latest blog posts!

The rules of the Liebster award are as follows:

  • The recipient must post 11 fun facts about themselves
  • The recipient must also answer 11 questions created by the award giver
  • The recipient must give the award to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and post 11 questions for them to answer
  • These 11 bloggers must be told they have been given the award
  • They will in turn pass the award on to 11 new bloggers of their choice (no tagging back the award giver)

 So, here are my fun facts!

  1. I love glitter. Anything sparkly, glittery and spangly.
  2. I have to name things I own, for example; my Kindle is called Kendra, my Tablet PC is called Tabitha… (is this a fun fact, or crazy fact?!)
  3. I have a love of animated films, especially Pixar films!
  4. I have many Cath Kidston items, I like to fill my bedroom with lovely floral stuff.
  5. I am the youngest of 3 sisters; my two sisters are older than me. There is a 17 and 14 year age gap between us.
  6. I have 4 nephews and 1 niece. As you can imagine, my niece is a perfect nail client for me to practice on!
  7. I am a stationary addict as well as a polish addict. I love pens, rubbers, pencils, note pads, everything stationary related! I have far too many pencil cases around my house.
  8. I really like car racing games! I am currently playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
  9. On the game note, I also like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Toy Story  3, Harry Potter, Fable 2 & 3… When I have time (which is rarely) I love to play my Xbox.
  10. I recently found out that I have a skill for Quilling. It is very theraputic to make tiny designs with paper.
  11. I have two adorable dogs! I am in love with their fluffy faces and their doggy cuddles.

Westie and Scottie Dogs Bella and Bailey

These are the questions I have to answer:

  1. What made you start blogging?
    I was always looking for nail inspiration on the internet and I had lots of nail ideas. I just wanted to share my pictures with others, incase I could inspire some of you guys :) Its also fun to talk nails with people that are as interested as me!
  2. Do your ‘real life’ friends and family know about your blog? Do they follow?
    Yes they know, but none of them have followed. They occasionally have a look to see what I’m up to, but they are not very interested with nail art.
  3. How many blogs do you follow?
    Hundreds! I follow lots on WordPress and then more through Bloglovin.
  4. Are they all beauty blogs?
    Nearly all of them, some are fashion but some are about books.
  5. What is your must-have nail polish right now?
    I’m into holographic right now – I love how beautiful it is!
  6. Your favourite nail art technique?
    Hmm this is tricky. I think at the moment, I would say glequins are my favourite. So that would be my favourite technique.
  7. Do you take part in nail art challenges?
    Yes I am taking part in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge right now :)
  8. Are you more of a summer or winter person?
    Summer! I love the sunshine! I don’t hate winter, but I dislike being cold!
  9. How do you store your nail polish?
    I have a lovely polish box to store my polishes in. Except its getting pretty full now…Oops!
  10. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  11. If you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?
    Hmm… I would be a chocolate hobnob! I love them!

Is this turning out to be the longest blog post in the world? I think so.

My nominations are all awesome blogs, you may already have this award and if you do, I’m sorry! I won’t take offense if you do not want to take part, but you all massively inspire me so I need to mention you – here are my 11 nominations:

  1. Short and Sweet in Texas – Julie’s nail art and April challenge is awesome!
  2. – Olga and I appear to be on the same wavelength when it comes to PVA and glitter removal!
  3. Holly’s Favourite Things – A little blog about her favourite things.
  4. Kelsnation – A blog about life!
  5. Craftynail – I think Brijit nominated Jacqui, but her blog is amazing so she definitely needed a mention!
  6. A luscious Life – I love to have a float on over to read about beautiful life moments.
  7. Blondes love cupcakes – Megan has some fab nail designs and is lovely!
  8. Nail Luxxe – Beautiful nail designs!
  9. The Bubbly Brunette – Chris’ latest floral design is a beaut!
  10. Beauty by Brittany – So good at water marbling!
  11. Escape by Beauty – Check out Ashley’s rainbow fish mani – it is adorable!

I know this is a word heavy post, but I hope you can all check out my nominations if you haven’t already!

Here are my 11 questions for those of you that want to take part:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. Do you blog every day?
  3. What did you want to achieve by starting your blog?
  4. Has your blog changed direction since you started?
  5. What kind of blogs do you follow?
  6. Do you have a talent? If so, what is it?
  7. What is your favourite colour?
  8. What is your favourite TV show?
  9. What is your favourite food?
  10. Do you have a favourite animal? If so, what is it?
  11. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Thanks Brijit! And thanks to all of my fabulous followers for following me!

Liebster Award