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Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 17 Gradient/Day 26 Favourite Holiday

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 17 and day 26 combined entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! I decided to combine the two as I have wanted to try this gradient for a while and it reminds me of my holiday!



I am loving this at the moment!


Birthday Nails!

Hi all! I have done two lots of lovely birthday nails today for my friends. Both manis are to match a dress.

The first is a floral/butterfly mani.
The dress this is inspired by has blue and pink flowers with black butterflies.


The second is a nautical mani.
The dress is this is inspired by is royal blue, so I thought a nautical theme would suit.


As you can tell from the pictures I have used a range of techniques and polishes; glequins, Barry M nail art pens, dotting tools, feather polish and glitter gradient.

What do you think of these birthday manis?

Zoya Pixie Dust

Hello beauties, the other day I was scrolling through my reader and I came across some amazing gradient nails by Nicole at Polish Me Please. I absolutely fell in love with them-the colours looked beautiful, gradient looked fab and I loved the sparkle! I read on and found out they were textured too! They were done using Zoya Pixie Dust (what a cute name!) and I had seen lots of posts about it but I had never owned a Zoya polish. So I had to get me some Zoya Pixie Dust and recreate Nicole’s fab gradient!

So my Liberty and Miranda Pixie Dust polish arrived and I had to start straight away! I followed Nicole’s instructions and sponged the gradient as she did and this is how mine turned out…


Mine are not a patch on Nicole’s, because my gradient isn’t smooth enough, but I love them! I’ve never worn a textured polish without topcoat for longer than swatch photos before, I did wear Opi’s What Wizardry is This? but didn’t realise it was textured so I top coated it! The tips of my nails feel rough like they would catch on clothes and things, any tips from my fellow bloggers about wearing textured polishes?

Thanks for the inspiration Nicole :)

P.S. it’s link up Friday so link your nail blogs by clicking below. Great way to meet new bloggers.

Birthday Nails!

Hi beauties, thank you all for your super birthday nails suggestions!

I went with a mix of the suggestions, all except animal print. I used Pocket Money Polishes suggestion of Barry M ‘Lychee’, Elise’s suggestion of birthstone nails and Helen’s party glitter idea.

This is what I came up with…


I chose to do a glitter gradient like I have done previously on the lychee polish because it works so well with the dress I plan to wear! I would have preferred to do a silver glitter gradient ideally because there are silver sequins on my dress, but I still haven’t found the perfect silver for gradients!

My glequin nail is emerald green – my birthstone.

It’s not too different to my previous pedi really. What do you think?

Glitter Gradient with Studs

Thanks to people for giving me glitter ideas! I saw a nail design here on Dressed Up Nails that I completely fell in love with! The colours, the gradient, the studs-I love it all. So I tried to recreate it.

I found a Sally Hansen glitter polish called ‘Gilded Lily’ which was perfect for this gradient.


I took lots of photos but none of them seem to capture this mani’s true beauty.




Thanks Whitney for inspiring me with your amazing design!

Nail Challenge Day 26: Gradient

Hi beauties, it’s day 26 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is gradient.



I chose to do this challenge on my toes. I chose Barry M ‘lychee’ as a base and Nina Pro ‘Call the Coppers’ as the glitter gradient. I also used an Avon gold glitter a part of my gradient. I used a sponge to create my gradient by painting the copper and gold glitter onto plastic, then picking it up with a cosmetic sponge. Although when I was painting it, I thought it was turning into a disaster, I am quite impressed with this pedi! It’s so sparkly!

Gradient Mani

Hi all! After getting frustrated with my chip I decided to do a gradient mani, which I have been itching to try for a while. I chose similar colours because I wanted it to be quite subtle for my first go.

I chose rose libertine and coralicious from the Rimmel 60 sec range. I love the shape of the brushes, the polish is so easy to apply!


I used a round make up sponge cut in half to do my sponging, and I painted the polish on to paper rather than directly on to the sponge. Once I got the hang of it, it was quite a quick process. Quick but messy! As you can tell from the pictures, my nails are still in a mess!


After sponging my gradient, I painted an Avon plain gold glitter and Nails Inc special effects ‘Reading’ on to my ring finger in a gradient style too.


I am quite happy with that for a first attempt. It has cheered me up after my chip!

Edit: Here is a slightly less messy gradient picture!