Tape Mani

I really wanted to try out my new tape so I painted my nails with my smoky plumes Avon polish and my ring finger pink with a holographic top coat.


Then I did a criss-cross on my holo nail and painted smoky plumes over it and carefully peeled the tape off to reveal the holo underneath.

I found it quite simple to do but that’s because I only did the one nail! It takes a while to cut the tape and stick it in the correct places. I think you need lots of patience for this, but I really like the effect and there are so many things you could do!



14 thoughts on “Tape Mani

  1. kellynns

    I used packing tape once to make and effect and it took HOURS to complete all 10 nails but in the end after all the waiting, drying and cutting I was impressed and feeling accomplished! It was a on the spot moment idea, all I had was packing tape :P Is there a type of actually tape that is better to use?

      1. kellynns

        Afterwards I snapped a picture and friends said looked like I did surgery and someone died. I used red and pink. Thanks having tape all one size will make it less painful on my patience!

      2. kellynns

        Yeah I’ll post a nail blog in a few with a few earlier snapshots. Wasn’t a crisscross effect like yours but was layered colors and my first big nail adventure. Took patience for sure and that tape will be a big help on some new ideas I have!!

  2. kellynns

    This is the picture of my surgery, I’m super new to nail design and painting as you can see! I’m sure I’ll gain some tips and quicker ways to do things soon enough :D

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Wow I LOVE the water marbling you are fab at it! And Kelly your surgery area made me giggle-especially how there are bits of red everywhere haha! My area looks much the same after a polish adventure! The red ones look great, it must have taken ages to cut the zig zag bits. You are already fab at nail design so I can’t wait to see what designs you come up with using the tape!

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Thank you! I got the tape from eBay I think (if I remember correctly) either eBay or Amazon-it’s quite cheap for so many rolls. It’s more fiddly than difficult; mainly the cutting and placing of the tape.


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