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Stripey Pedi plus Help!

Hey lovelies how are you all? I’ve got two stripey pedis to show you today. I currently have a thing for stripes!


I love how you can make it different with just a few colour changes!

Now I have a question for you ladies! I need your help with some nail art! I have a new dress and it’s a bit of a big deal because it’s an actual nursing dress (which are so hard to come by and pricey here!) This is the pattern:

20140509-063105.jpg Can any of you amazing ladies help me decide how to paint my nails to match my dress?

Hope to hear from you all soon! Xo

The Great Gatsby

Hi girlies, a mani inspired by The Great Gatsby today.

I don’t really like this mani very much, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I was loving my butterfly French so much!

Edit: I had to change my thumb because it was really getting to me!

So now I have a little suit & tie on my thumb. Feeling much happier!

Nails Inc. Metallic Collection Swatches

Hi lovelies, I broke up from work for a week today so celebrated with some metallic swatches :)


Gold: Wembly
Silver: Greenwich Park
Bronze: Horse Guards Parade

The coverage is fab and they are super shiny – this is two coats. They are textured polishes and I really like the consistency, they are ‘limited edition polishes featuring a brand new textured chrome formulation to create a show stopping, ultra glossy finish’ according to the website. These are only the second textured polishes I have tried and I think they are great!

More Nails Inc. Oops!

Hi lovely followers, guess who went mad on the Nails Inc. site when purchasing her glitter bomb polishes….

Guessed yet?

Yes that’s right, me!


I purchased a mirror metallic polish, some bronze, silver and gold textured metallic collection polishes and my glitter bomb polishes.

Watch this space for swatches :)

Nail Challenge Day 17: 3D

Hi beauties! It’s day 17 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is 3D.



I ordered some studs off eBay, both gold and silver in this size and small caviar balls. I chose to use these for my 3D mani as there is a day on caviar. I chose Barry M lilac because it is a favourite of mine, and my feature nail is my FGL prism holo polish. I placed the studs on with tweezers onto tacky clear varnish-much the same way I apply my glequins. Then top coated with 2 coats.

I am useless at keeping up with the links page since I’ve been back at school-hope you can forgive me!

Nail Challenge Day 15: Water Marble

Hi all! It’s day 15 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is water marbling.



I used a W7 polish for this (my first one-it was out of the pound shop!) then I used Opi alpine snow, Barry M raspberry and Rimmel gold for the marble. I like how the marble comes out different each time, but I still need lots more practise.