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PVA and Glitter – A Winning Combo!

Wowee am I impressed!

The other day, after seeing a post on Blondes love Cupcakes about peel-off base coats, I went and purchased some PVA glue to see if that would do the trick. I painted it on before I painted my Sinful glitter and glequins on my index finger in my last mani. I have just gone to remove my polish and carefully peeled at the corner of my glequin nail and ta daaaa!


They have come off in one complete sheet, and it took me seconds to take off, unlike other methods of glitter removal! I love glitter, but just hate the removal with a passion, so this for me is a dream come true.



Hi all! Sorry if you came by to visit me today and my site was everywhere, I’ve been playing around with the layout but reverted back to my original!

Short and Sweet in Texas is running a 30 day nail challenge and I want to take part! Short and Sweet says:

“Please tell anyone you know who might be interested in joining us; I’d like to get as many people involved as possible!

There are no “rules” per se, you don’t even have to complete the whole challenge. I know doing 30 days of nail deigns  is a big commitment; that’s why I haven’t done one of these month long challenges until now! This is just a creativity exercise and the prompts are there to inspire you; don’t feel obligated, I don’t want this to be a chore for people.”Image

Although I don’t think I could possibly do every single day, I’m excited to have a go! All the days look very exciting and I’m looking forward to trying out new things! Quite a few fabulous nail bloggers will be starting tomorrow. Cannot wait to see your designs guys!

Smoky Plumes & Lychee Mani

Hi all! I went shopping today and invested in some of Sally Hansen’s Nail Nutrition and Save the Nail ‘bridge the ridge’ amongst other polishes!


I was excited to try my new Barry M ‘Lychee’ and Avon ‘Smoky Plumes’ so I incorporated the two into one mani!


I quite liked it, but I wanted to add something more. So I got my stamping gear out. Bad idea! I’m just not good at stamping! I find it so hard to transfer my image from the plate to the stamper and so it takes me lots of attempts just to transfer. And then there is the task of putting it in the correct place on my nail. Aargh! After what seemed like a million tries and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy later, I managed to transfer 2 images on to each ring finger. Yes. Just. Two. Then I promptly ruined my middle finger, just to add to my frustration!

After my stamping catastrophe I decided to use glequins for my index finger which was so speedy to apply after my stamping episode! All in all, this honeycomb effect took about 10 minutes for both nails.


I like the end result, even though the overall mani took about 3 hours and made me mad. Aargh!