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Baby News & Spring Galaxy Mani

Hello to all my fabulous followers! I know I have been MIA for about the last year due to me being pregnant and nail varnish and remover making me feel so sick! Buttttt my bump turned into a baby on the 14th March and I gave birth to a little girl. She is adorable and now my days are mainly taken up by staring at her in utter amazement that my body miraculously made her! How funny that Baby Oohlala was almost born on my blogiversary!

So I am very busy now I am a Mummy but I had a new mani that I wanted to try! I love galaxy nails and have previously painted a galaxy mani and wanted to paint one again as I love the effect. But I thought it was very dark for such a springy time of year, so I searched the net and saw some amazing pastel galaxy nails on the nailasaurus and fell in love! What a brilliant spring galaxy mani! So here is my attempt at a Spring Galaxy Mani



What do you think?


P.S. Baby oohlala already has the hand pose down!