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Rainbow Mani

In the 30 day challenge, I did a sponge gradient for the rainbow day, which I hated as it went all wrong! Because the sun is shining beautifully here in the UK I decided to try my hand at a rainbow mani again. But this time, I did it ruffian style so it looked rainbow shaped.




I used all of my Nails Inc collection to make the rainbow, but Barry M – Blueberry on all my other nails. I could have chosen a better purple, but apart from that it isn’t too bad! To improve this, I would choose a better purple and put clouds and a sun on my other nails.

Nail challenge Day 7: Rainbow

Hi beauties, welcome to day 7 of Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge today the theme is rainbow!




This mani went wrong! I wanted to sponge a gradient across the nail in rainbow colours. But my gradient didn’t work out as planned and it doesn’t look smooth at all! So this is my rainbow contribution. I am not happy with it, but that is why I love this challenge! I am glad I went ahead and did it because I’m learning lots about my favourite and less favourite techniques.

If feel that it just looks a mess :( Roll on day 8!