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Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 14 Flowers

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 14
entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! Today I went with my orange w7 polish and white for my accent flower. I used Barry M raspberry for the other flowers.
I used dots to create these flowers and I really dislike them :(




Anna Rifle Bond Floral

Hi girlies! Here is a floral mani for you, inspired by Anna Rifle’s stationary range. I saw a tutorial over at The Beauty Department and fell in love with the simple floral designs so I decided to recreate it!

My mani is slightly different to the original but I still like it lots!
What do you think? I love The Beauty Department.

Birthday Nails!

Hi all! I have done two lots of lovely birthday nails today for my friends. Both manis are to match a dress.

The first is a floral/butterfly mani.
The dress this is inspired by has blue and pink flowers with black butterflies.


The second is a nautical mani.
The dress is this is inspired by is royal blue, so I thought a nautical theme would suit.


As you can tell from the pictures I have used a range of techniques and polishes; glequins, Barry M nail art pens, dotting tools, feather polish and glitter gradient.

What do you think of these birthday manis?

3D Floral/Safari

Hello fellow nailoholics! I finally got around to trying the 3D flowers that I purchased from Born Pretty Store.


I chose to use one of my teal Nails Inc. polishes as my background. I used my nail art pens to draw a blossom design on my thumb and stuck my 3D flower on using clear nail polish.

I realise now that thinking clear polish would be enough to stick the flower to my nail was a big mistake! I picked up some papers at work today and a sheet slid between my flower and the nail and the 3D flower came clean off :( I have now invested in brush on nail glue (why I never had any in the first place is a mystery!) so I will post a new image of the next 3D experiment soon!

On another naily note, I did a safari manicure on my friend Sarah too.


What do you think?

Nail Challenge Day 30: Recreate your Favourite

Hi beauties-it is the last day in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today is the recreate your favourite day. It’s crazy to think it has been 30 days since we started this journey, I am so happy with myself that I managed to do each and every day! Well done to all my fellow bloggers who have done some fabulous nail designs over the 30 days – I am forever inspired by you all!

So which mani to recreate? Well I chose the floral day-I couldn’t resist! You know I have a weakness for pretty florals!



My recreated floral is much the same as my original-I just changed the colours. I couldn’t chose a favourite design out of the two if I had to-I love them both! I like the springy colours and how they make my nails look all pretty and girly. I think lilac will be my next floral base.

I cannot believe this is the end of the challenge. Quick Julie, come up with something else for us to do!!

Nail Challenge Day 21: Floral

Hi all, today is day 21 in Short & Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge can you believe that we are at day 21 already?! Today the theme is floral-my favourite!



This was very very heavily copied inspired by Megan over at Blondes Love Cupcakes – I saw Megan’s floral design and absolutely fell in love! As you may know if you read my babbling, I love Cath Kidston and anything floral and girly and this was so Cath Kidston I nearly died and went to heaven (sad aren’t I?!!)

Because I cheat and do a few mani’s in one go, I have had this design on since Thursday and only have some partial tip wear. It is going to break my heart to remove it! I was paying for an item in a shop yesterday when the sales girl said:

Sales Girl: “Wow I love your nails, where did you get them done?”
Me: “I did them myself.”
Sales Girl: (look of utter shock) “Oh my god they are amazing! I cannot believe you did those at home! Wow! Can I look again? Wow!”

So as you can imagine, I was walking around with a considerably larger head yesterday!

Thanks Megan ❣

Nail Challenge Day 6: Pink

Hi all, it’s day 6 of Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and the theme is pink.



I painted Opi ‘sparrow me the drama’ on and used my red stamping polish and a floral pattern to stamp onto my ring finger. I stamped first time again yippee! Then I put 3 glequins in the middle of the larger flowers. The glequins are pink too, but you can’t really tell from the way they are sparkling in the pictures.

I really like this, it’s a cute mani!

Cath Kidston Inspired Mani

Inspired by my many floral Cath Kidston and Victoria & Albert items, I wanted to create a floral mani. I searched YouTube for different ways of creating the flowery look and came to the conclusion that I wanted it to be simple to create as some of them were quite intricate! I used peeling and brittleness and gel strength base coats because due to a bad bio gel removal a while ago, my nails appear to be flaking :( I chose pink as a base colour and used a darker pink, red and green for the flowers. Here are all the polishes I used:


First I used the pale primark pink as a background and painted 3 coats. I used Barry M’s Pink Flamingo to then put two large dots on each of my fingers. Then when that was dry, I used my Avon dotting tool to create ( ) bracket like shapes around the dots. When that was dry I used a skinny brush to draw leaf like shapes in green at the bottom of each flower.


I kept my marble nail from my last mani because I love it! I know it doesn’t fully match this floral theme, but I think it looks quirky! That is partially the reason that I chose all pinks and reds.


I really love it, it is so cute and if it wasn’t snowing here in the UK, I would say it was a perfect spring mani. It is brightening my snowy day! I would have liked to do a pale mint background too… Maybe next time!