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Nail Challenge Day 13: Ruffian

Hi all and welcome to Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is ruffian.

First I painted 1 coat of silver polish and 1 coat of holographic prism. Then I used Barry M ‘navy’ to paint over the top.




I then used glequins on my index and ring finger in blue too-they are hard to see in the pictures but were really sparkly. I love this mani, it looks glamorous and for my first ruffian, I am proud I got the lines straight yay!

Nail Challenge Day 6: Pink

Hi all, it’s day 6 of Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and the theme is pink.



I painted Opi ‘sparrow me the drama’ on and used my red stamping polish and a floral pattern to stamp onto my ring finger. I stamped first time again yippee! Then I put 3 glequins in the middle of the larger flowers. The glequins are pink too, but you can’t really tell from the way they are sparkling in the pictures.

I really like this, it’s a cute mani!

Glequin Galore!

Hi all! Thank you to all of the people who liked my galaxy toes :) here is a new mani for you.

I came home to a lovely package from Born Pretty Store which included many beautiful glequins!


I have so many lovely colours! (I will post a picture of all the colours in another post) I was too excited to try, so I chose the rusty orange colour to go with my red nail polish.


I used a cocktail stick which had a tiny blob of clear varnish on to make it slightly sticky. Then I picked each glequin up individually and placed them on my nail.


I can’t wait to play with them some more! I need more nails…