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Nail Challenge Day 26: Gradient

Hi beauties, it’s day 26 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is gradient.



I chose to do this challenge on my toes. I chose Barry M ‘lychee’ as a base and Nina Pro ‘Call the Coppers’ as the glitter gradient. I also used an Avon gold glitter a part of my gradient. I used a sponge to create my gradient by painting the copper and gold glitter onto plastic, then picking it up with a cosmetic sponge. Although when I was painting it, I thought it was turning into a disaster, I am quite impressed with this pedi! It’s so sparkly!

Smoky Plumes & Lychee Mani

Hi all! I went shopping today and invested in some of Sally Hansen’s Nail Nutrition and Save the Nail ‘bridge the ridge’ amongst other polishes!


I was excited to try my new Barry M ‘Lychee’ and Avon ‘Smoky Plumes’ so I incorporated the two into one mani!


I quite liked it, but I wanted to add something more. So I got my stamping gear out. Bad idea! I’m just not good at stamping! I find it so hard to transfer my image from the plate to the stamper and so it takes me lots of attempts just to transfer. And then there is the task of putting it in the correct place on my nail. Aargh! After what seemed like a million tries and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy later, I managed to transfer 2 images on to each ring finger. Yes. Just. Two. Then I promptly ruined my middle finger, just to add to my frustration!

After my stamping catastrophe I decided to use glequins for my index finger which was so speedy to apply after my stamping episode! All in all, this honeycomb effect took about 10 minutes for both nails.


I like the end result, even though the overall mani took about 3 hours and made me mad. Aargh!