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3D Floral/Safari

Hello fellow nailoholics! I finally got around to trying the 3D flowers that I purchased from Born Pretty Store.


I chose to use one of my teal Nails Inc. polishes as my background. I used my nail art pens to draw a blossom design on my thumb and stuck my 3D flower on using clear nail polish.

I realise now that thinking clear polish would be enough to stick the flower to my nail was a big mistake! I picked up some papers at work today and a sheet slid between my flower and the nail and the 3D flower came clean off :( I have now invested in brush on nail glue (why I never had any in the first place is a mystery!) so I will post a new image of the next 3D experiment soon!

On another naily note, I did a safari manicure on my friend Sarah too.


What do you think?

Glitter Gradient with Studs

Thanks to people for giving me glitter ideas! I saw a nail design here on Dressed Up Nails that I completely fell in love with! The colours, the gradient, the studs-I love it all. So I tried to recreate it.

I found a Sally Hansen glitter polish called ‘Gilded Lily’ which was perfect for this gradient.


I took lots of photos but none of them seem to capture this mani’s true beauty.




Thanks Whitney for inspiring me with your amazing design!

Nail Challenge Day 23: Caviar

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to day 23 (already?!!) of Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is caviar.

I am so shockingly terrible at applying caviar, I got more on my table than my nails!



I can’t seem to get it on properly and when it is on, neatening it up is a pain! I think, apart from plaid day, this is the worst mani I’ve ever done! If you want to see a real caviar mani, head over to Chark’s blog, she’s just done a fabulous rainbow caviar mani-it is amazing!

This was an embellish kit from primark for £2.50-another one of my bargains.

3D Mani

I had wondered about this new 3D mani for a while and ooh’d and aah’d about getting a kit. Then I found one in Primark for £2.50 and thought it was a fabulous excuse to experiment! In the set is a pink nail varnish and a bottle of mini balls to create the 3D element. It is quite easy to apply. You paint two coats on your nails with the colour provided. While the polish is tacky, tip the balls on the chosen nail and gently press the balls into the nail polish. Then once all are secure, paint a generous coat of topcoat on. I was quite impressed!