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Birthday Nails

Hi you lovely lot, it is my birthday on Sunday and I am 25! I am looking for inspiration for a birthday mani, and who better to ask than all my fellow nailoholics! I don’t have a specific theme in mind but the dress I plan to wear is either ivory or beige coloured.

Any ideas??

Oops Some Polish Fell Into My Basket…

I went to visit Sally Beauty shop today and some polish accidentally fell into my basket!


From left to right:
♥ China Glaze – Fast forward top coat
♥ China Glaze – Patent Leather top coat
♥ Seche Restore (absolute bargain at £1.50! Had to grab it when I saw it.)
♥ China Glaze Crackle – Crushed Candy
♥ Nina Ultra Pro – Call the Coppers
♥ Nina Ultra Pro – Anaconda Liked It

I have never tried Nina Ultra Pro before, it’s a new brand for me. I was astonished when I saw the Seche restore for £1.50-I was looking at it on Amazon and the cost ranged from £9 to £18! I love a bargain! The China Glaze Crackle was also reduced to £1.07 so I had a fab, bargain hunting time!

Nail Challenge Day 5: Blue

Hi everyone and today is day 5 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and today the theme is blue.



I decided to use a different blue on each nail, going from light on my little finger to dark on my thumb. I used an ‘Andrea Fullerton’ blue nail art stripper to draw the lines on my thumb. I then used my Rimmel matte top coat. I’m starting to really love that top coat!

Normally I think wearing blue doesn’t look good on me, because my skin is so fair, but I quite like the way this looks :)

New Polishes

Hi everyone, I have three new polishes! Two of them were bargains; I was shopping in a local supermarket and noticed there were some Rimmel polishes that were half price. One was similar to the Opi colour I’d set my heart on, but for a fraction of the price, called ‘desire’ and the other was a 60 second polish called ‘grey matter’.

The third polish is from Filthy Gorgeous London, a brand that I have never tried before. It is a holographic polish that I am very excited to try!


I was trying to be good and not buy anymore but it is a very big weakness of mine!

Nail Challenge Day 3: Yellow

Hi all, welcome to day 3 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge ! Today the theme is yellow.



I used Avon 30 second dry ‘suddenly sunny’ polish and used a dotting pen to create the trail of a bumble bee. I then painted a cute little bumble bee on my thumb!

I quite like this mani, the sunny colour is perfect for spring!


Hi all! Sorry if you came by to visit me today and my site was everywhere, I’ve been playing around with the layout but reverted back to my original!

Short and Sweet in Texas is running a 30 day nail challenge and I want to take part! Short and Sweet says:

“Please tell anyone you know who might be interested in joining us; I’d like to get as many people involved as possible!

There are no “rules” per se, you don’t even have to complete the whole challenge. I know doing 30 days of nail deigns  is a big commitment; that’s why I haven’t done one of these month long challenges until now! This is just a creativity exercise and the prompts are there to inspire you; don’t feel obligated, I don’t want this to be a chore for people.”Image

Although I don’t think I could possibly do every single day, I’m excited to have a go! All the days look very exciting and I’m looking forward to trying out new things! Quite a few fabulous nail bloggers will be starting tomorrow. Cannot wait to see your designs guys!