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Oops Some Polish Fell Into My Basket…

I went to visit Sally Beauty shop today and some polish accidentally fell into my basket!


From left to right:
♥ China Glaze – Fast forward top coat
♥ China Glaze – Patent Leather top coat
♥ Seche Restore (absolute bargain at £1.50! Had to grab it when I saw it.)
♥ China Glaze Crackle – Crushed Candy
♥ Nina Ultra Pro – Call the Coppers
♥ Nina Ultra Pro – Anaconda Liked It

I have never tried Nina Ultra Pro before, it’s a new brand for me. I was astonished when I saw the Seche restore for £1.50-I was looking at it on Amazon and the cost ranged from £9 to £18! I love a bargain! The China Glaze Crackle was also reduced to £1.07 so I had a fab, bargain hunting time!

Nail Challenge Day 5: Blue

Hi everyone and today is day 5 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and today the theme is blue.



I decided to use a different blue on each nail, going from light on my little finger to dark on my thumb. I used an ‘Andrea Fullerton’ blue nail art stripper to draw the lines on my thumb. I then used my Rimmel matte top coat. I’m starting to really love that top coat!

Normally I think wearing blue doesn’t look good on me, because my skin is so fair, but I quite like the way this looks :)