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Butterfly Feature Mani

Hey lovelies, how are you all? Here’s a quick butterfly feature mani I did earlier. (All my manis are quickies now I’m a momma!) Here is the last butterfly feature mani I did.

The peachy colour is Nails Inc. Wellington Square and I drew the butterfly wing with my Barry M black & white nail art pens.

Then I Seche’d – you won’t believe how much of a god send Seche Vite is when two seconds after finishing your nails baby needs a cuddle!

Anyway enough waffle, here it is!



What do you think? Xo

Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 14 Flowers

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 14
entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! Today I went with my orange w7 polish and white for my accent flower. I used Barry M raspberry for the other flowers.
I used dots to create these flowers and I really dislike them :(




Summer Sun Palm Tree Mani

Hi lovelies, I fancied a bright, sunny mani because of the beautiful weather here in the UK!

20130610-230057.jpgSo I opted for bright orange ‘blandford street’ and a bright peach ‘wellington square’ colours from my Nails Inc. Ready to Wear collection

I did the darker colour as a feature nail and drew a palm tree on it to make it extra sunny!


This colour shows every imperfection within my nails but I like the consistency and coverage of this colour.

Multi Nails Inc. Watercolour/Animal Print

Hi all, boy have I impressed myself with this nail design!

I saw Jacqui’s Watercolour Nail Art Tutorial over on her blog Crafty Nail and decided to give it a go.

I followed Jacqui’s tutorial and chose 6 Nails Inc. colours for my watercolours.

20130525-012635.jpg I also wanted to do a little design with my Barry M nail art pen over the top of my watercolour.

As Jacqui says, this method is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You literally paint a white base coat, wait for it to dry, then put your coloured blobs on your nail in any position. The next step is to lay your plastic bag over your nail and press lightly to spread the colours out.
This was a few of my plastic bags after I had laid them on top of my polish blobs.


When you remove the bag, the effect reminds me of water marbling but it is a quicker and easier method!

Once I had my watercolour toes, I wanted to add a little something and it had pained me to remove my animal print pedi, so I decided to do a similar design as last time but over the top of my multi watercolour nails. So I did a mixture of leopard and tiger stripes over the top. This is how they turned out:

I am so impressed with the overall result! I absolutely love this design! It’s so bright, summery and unique; every nail is different. This is a new favourite technique of mine – thanks Jacqui!


Nails Inc. Swatches

Hi ladies, here are the last swatches from my collection of Nails Inc. polishes.


The colours:
Top left: Knightsbridge Green
Top right: Notting Hill Carnival
Bottom left: Draycott Place
Bottom right: Eton Avenue

These are all 2 coats.

What do you think of the colours? I am pleased with all the colours in my Nails Inc. collection, I was very lucky with my lucky dip!

Rainbow Mani

In the 30 day challenge, I did a sponge gradient for the rainbow day, which I hated as it went all wrong! Because the sun is shining beautifully here in the UK I decided to try my hand at a rainbow mani again. But this time, I did it ruffian style so it looked rainbow shaped.




I used all of my Nails Inc collection to make the rainbow, but Barry M – Blueberry on all my other nails. I could have chosen a better purple, but apart from that it isn’t too bad! To improve this, I would choose a better purple and put clouds and a sun on my other nails.

Nail Challenge Day 22: Neon

Hi beauties, Monday again! It is day 22 in Julie’s 30 day challenge and the theme is neon.



These are my little neon polishes from Primark that I wrote about in an earlier post.. I liked the colours a lot but I wanted something extra so I added the crack effect top coat. From the picture it looks like I used a glossy top coat, but I actually used my matte top coat. I had no idea that it wouldn’t work…how strange! My favourite out of the bunch is the green on my pinky finger.

Nail Challenge Day 15: Water Marble

Hi all! It’s day 15 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is water marbling.



I used a W7 polish for this (my first one-it was out of the pound shop!) then I used Opi alpine snow, Barry M raspberry and Rimmel gold for the marble. I like how the marble comes out different each time, but I still need lots more practise.

Nail Challenge Day 2: Orange

Hi all, it’s day 2 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and today the theme is orange.



I used Avon’s ‘party girl’ and wanted to try out some rhinestones I purchased a while ago but never used. I decided to do a feature nail and was inspired by Crafty Nail’s Evanora mani from Oz. I chose to do one nail like Evanora’s and painted my ring finger with Opi ‘glints of Glinda’ before painting the orange on. I then carefully placed rhinestones all along the edge.

I have come to the conclusion that I dislike rhinestones. They are very chunky and I think they spoil rather than improve my mani. l also placed them all wrong on my nail as one side of stones is different to the other! I much prefer my beloved glequins! I’ve been spoilt by their beautiful sparklyness and how they appear to simply improve any mani I think! I also think I have some different rhinestones somewhere in my house that I am going to find to see if they are smaller.

I love that so far this challenge has me trying out something new :)