Monthly Archives: November 2013


Hi lovelies, I know some of you lovely followers were following my baby news, so I have a little update for you. Thank you for all your kind wishes and congratulations!

I had my 20 week scan and all is healthy and well. My scan picture however is a little strange and baby’s arm is over it’s head, making it look like a dinosaur! So I have a healthy baby dino!

:) very happy.

Almond Mani

Hi girlies, for the first time in WEEKS, I finally felt like painting my nails! Weeks of naked nails made me sad but the smell today really made me feel ill :(

I decided to file my nails into an almond shape because I fancied a change. I saw someone with a Halloween pumpkin mani on almond nails and thought the shape was so different!

I just painted my nails a simple red with glitter today.


Hope you are all well!!
Missing you all.