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Inspired Ikat Pedi

Hiya everyone, how are you all doing? Well my stripey toes chipped (sob!) and needed re painting so I decided to stop being stripey mad and look for inspiration… When this Nailasaurus “Instagram accounts you should follow” blog post popped up and I saw this amazing design! I loved everything about it, colours, design, placement etc so decided I would recreate!

Now this is different as it’s on my toes and I have a silver glitter feature nail, but here is my version…


Love it! And on the hottest day of the year today, I’m going to show them off in some pretty sandals!

What do you think? Xo

Butterfly Feature Mani

Hey lovelies, how are you all? Here’s a quick butterfly feature mani I did earlier. (All my manis are quickies now I’m a momma!) Here is the last butterfly feature mani I did.

The peachy colour is Nails Inc. Wellington Square and I drew the butterfly wing with my Barry M black & white nail art pens.

Then I Seche’d – you won’t believe how much of a god send Seche Vite is when two seconds after finishing your nails baby needs a cuddle!

Anyway enough waffle, here it is!



What do you think? Xo

Stripey Pedi plus Help!

Hey lovelies how are you all? I’ve got two stripey pedis to show you today. I currently have a thing for stripes!


I love how you can make it different with just a few colour changes!

Now I have a question for you ladies! I need your help with some nail art! I have a new dress and it’s a bit of a big deal because it’s an actual nursing dress (which are so hard to come by and pricey here!) This is the pattern:

20140509-063105.jpg Can any of you amazing ladies help me decide how to paint my nails to match my dress?

Hope to hear from you all soon! Xo