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Almond Mani

Hi girlies, for the first time in WEEKS, I finally felt like painting my nails! Weeks of naked nails made me sad but the smell today really made me feel ill :(

I decided to file my nails into an almond shape because I fancied a change. I saw someone with a Halloween pumpkin mani on almond nails and thought the shape was so different!

I just painted my nails a simple red with glitter today.


Hope you are all well!!
Missing you all.

Birthday Nails!

Hi all! I have done two lots of lovely birthday nails today for my friends. Both manis are to match a dress.

The first is a floral/butterfly mani.
The dress this is inspired by has blue and pink flowers with black butterflies.


The second is a nautical mani.
The dress is this is inspired by is royal blue, so I thought a nautical theme would suit.


As you can tell from the pictures I have used a range of techniques and polishes; glequins, Barry M nail art pens, dotting tools, feather polish and glitter gradient.

What do you think of these birthday manis?

The Great Gatsby

Hi girlies, a mani inspired by The Great Gatsby today.

I don’t really like this mani very much, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I was loving my butterfly French so much!

Edit: I had to change my thumb because it was really getting to me!

So now I have a little suit & tie on my thumb. Feeling much happier!

Rainbow Mani

In the 30 day challenge, I did a sponge gradient for the rainbow day, which I hated as it went all wrong! Because the sun is shining beautifully here in the UK I decided to try my hand at a rainbow mani again. But this time, I did it ruffian style so it looked rainbow shaped.




I used all of my Nails Inc collection to make the rainbow, but Barry M – Blueberry on all my other nails. I could have chosen a better purple, but apart from that it isn’t too bad! To improve this, I would choose a better purple and put clouds and a sun on my other nails.

Nail Challenge Day 28: Inspired by Fashion

Hi y’all, it is day 28 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is inspired by fashion.




I chose a dress from the AW2013 collection and recreated the swirly pattern on my nails. I had a few fashion designs in mind, but this one really caught my attention! I think it’s the fact that the sun was shining here in the UK and it looked like a beautiful summer scene, I could imagine being in the sea when looking at it!

Nail Challenge Day 18: Sugar Spun

Hi lovelies, it’s day 18 in Julie’s nail challenge, can you believe it?! Today the theme is sugar spun.



I struggled a bit with this one, firstly I had to google what it was! I watched some tutorials but didn’t have time to make blobs of polish and wait for it to become tacky so I used nail stripper paints I had to create this effect. I used red white and blue-patriotic! I think it looks pretty cute actually!

Nail Challenge Day 16: Tribal

Hi all, today is day 16 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and the theme is tribal.



Lame attempt at a tribal! But I was rubbish at everything else I tried, so this is my go at tribal. I painted my nails red and used a nail art brush to paint the designs on each nail. They look okay…ish! Nothing spectacular though.

Nail Challenge Day 15: Water Marble

Hi all! It’s day 15 in Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is water marbling.



I used a W7 polish for this (my first one-it was out of the pound shop!) then I used Opi alpine snow, Barry M raspberry and Rimmel gold for the marble. I like how the marble comes out different each time, but I still need lots more practise.