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Stripey Pedi plus Help!

Hey lovelies how are you all? I’ve got two stripey pedis to show you today. I currently have a thing for stripes!


I love how you can make it different with just a few colour changes!

Now I have a question for you ladies! I need your help with some nail art! I have a new dress and it’s a bit of a big deal because it’s an actual nursing dress (which are so hard to come by and pricey here!) This is the pattern:

20140509-063105.jpg Can any of you amazing ladies help me decide how to paint my nails to match my dress?

Hope to hear from you all soon! Xo

Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge -Day 5 Skittles

Hi girlies and welcome to my day 5 entry for the Oh mon dieu its the rather awesome 31 day challenge! It’s skittles day! I love skittle nails-multi colour is my favourite!


Now are you thinking what I thought? These colours are just like actual skittle sweets…

Well I couldn’t resist, they looked just like skittles so I had to add an ‘S’ !



The colours I chose are so similar to actual skittles! What do you think?!


Glequin Half Mani

So I loved my ring finger on my last mani that much that I had to recreate it and mix it up a bit!

I chose a base of Glints of Glinda – Opi, and a glittery black from Avon .

I then chose a variety of coloured glequins to put on each hand.

This is what I came up with:


So I have red, emerald, baby pink, electric blue and lime glequins; different nail, different colour.

This mani didn’t take long considering all my glequins. I love it! It feels glamorous and sparkly.

What do you think?

Nail challenge Day 7: Rainbow

Hi beauties, welcome to day 7 of Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge today the theme is rainbow!




This mani went wrong! I wanted to sponge a gradient across the nail in rainbow colours. But my gradient didn’t work out as planned and it doesn’t look smooth at all! So this is my rainbow contribution. I am not happy with it, but that is why I love this challenge! I am glad I went ahead and did it because I’m learning lots about my favourite and less favourite techniques.

If feel that it just looks a mess :( Roll on day 8!