Nail Challenge Day 23: Caviar

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to day 23 (already?!!) of Julie’s 30 day nail challenge and today the theme is caviar.

I am so shockingly terrible at applying caviar, I got more on my table than my nails!



I can’t seem to get it on properly and when it is on, neatening it up is a pain! I think, apart from plaid day, this is the worst mani I’ve ever done! If you want to see a real caviar mani, head over to Chark’s blog, she’s just done a fabulous rainbow caviar mani-it is amazing!

This was an embellish kit from primark for £2.50-another one of my bargains.


10 thoughts on “Nail Challenge Day 23: Caviar

  1. Kitsu

    Yeah, caviar is kind of a pain. I get the same result when I try to pour it over my nails like you’re supposed to. Instead, I’ll put some in a small bowl and press my nail it.

      1. Kitsu

        Aww well caviar pearls are finicky like that. I usually only use them in manis where I can place them individually. Just always tell yourself that the materials are rubbish, not you! XD

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