Zoya Pixie Dust

Hello beauties, the other day I was scrolling through my reader and I came across some amazing gradient nails by Nicole at Polish Me Please. I absolutely fell in love with them-the colours looked beautiful, gradient looked fab and I loved the sparkle! I read on and found out they were textured too! They were done using Zoya Pixie Dust (what a cute name!) and I had seen lots of posts about it but I had never owned a Zoya polish. So I had to get me some Zoya Pixie Dust and recreate Nicole’s fab gradient!

So my Liberty and Miranda Pixie Dust polish arrived and I had to start straight away! I followed Nicole’s instructions and sponged the gradient as she did and this is how mine turned out…


Mine are not a patch on Nicole’s, because my gradient isn’t smooth enough, but I love them! I’ve never worn a textured polish without topcoat for longer than swatch photos before, I did wear Opi’s What Wizardry is This? but didn’t realise it was textured so I top coated it! The tips of my nails feel rough like they would catch on clothes and things, any tips from my fellow bloggers about wearing textured polishes?

Thanks for the inspiration Nicole :)

P.S. it’s link up Friday so link your nail blogs by clicking below. Great way to meet new bloggers.


7 thoughts on “Zoya Pixie Dust

  1. Nicole

    These look cute!! Gradients are so hard but I think they look nice! They kinda look like French tips! That’s funny about What Wizardry Is This and the top coat!! I tried TC-ing my OPI Get Your Number but it just took too much and I couldn’t do it. I totally know what you mean about the rough tips w textured polish. What I do is wait till my nails are completely dry (like maybe even the next day, but definitely lots of time later) and then rub the tips on my jeans to kind of wear down the little nubby bits. I find that after a bit of wear they stop being so catchy and stuff. Also- something you could do, which is something I do w glitter polish sometimes is if there are really some rough edges I just give it a quick SUPER LIGHT filing w the finest side of my file. It takes a super light touch but it’s possible to smooth the ends without removing the polish. Other than that- I guess it’s just the perils of textured polish! ;) Thanks for sharing your recreation w me!

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Next time I think I need to make my gradient go further down my nail almost to the middle. I love both the colours they are so bright and sparkly! Thanks for the tips, I will do that to get rid of the rough bits. No problem – I love trying new things :)

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