Nail Challenge Day 2: Orange

Hi all, it’s day 2 in Short and Sweet’s 30 day challenge and today the theme is orange.



I used Avon’s ‘party girl’ and wanted to try out some rhinestones I purchased a while ago but never used. I decided to do a feature nail and was inspired by Crafty Nail’s Evanora mani from Oz. I chose to do one nail like Evanora’s and painted my ring finger with Opi ‘glints of Glinda’ before painting the orange on. I then carefully placed rhinestones all along the edge.

I have come to the conclusion that I dislike rhinestones. They are very chunky and I think they spoil rather than improve my mani. l also placed them all wrong on my nail as one side of stones is different to the other! I much prefer my beloved glequins! I’ve been spoilt by their beautiful sparklyness and how they appear to simply improve any mani I think! I also think I have some different rhinestones somewhere in my house that I am going to find to see if they are smaller.

I love that so far this challenge has me trying out something new :)


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