Nail challenge Day 7: Rainbow

Hi beauties, welcome to day 7 of Short and Sweet’s 30 day nail challenge today the theme is rainbow!




This mani went wrong! I wanted to sponge a gradient across the nail in rainbow colours. But my gradient didn’t work out as planned and it doesn’t look smooth at all! So this is my rainbow contribution. I am not happy with it, but that is why I love this challenge! I am glad I went ahead and did it because I’m learning lots about my favourite and less favourite techniques.

If feel that it just looks a mess :( Roll on day 8!


2 thoughts on “Nail challenge Day 7: Rainbow

  1. scarletkitsune

    The middle nail turned out pretty cute actually, imo. I think the trick to gradients with sponges is to dab off the excess polish first and then move the sponge back and forth more than you think is necessary. And sometimes it’s not your fault at all and the sponges just suck and pick up too much or not enough polish XD


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