Smoky Plumes & Lychee Mani

Hi all! I went shopping today and invested in some of Sally Hansen’s Nail Nutrition and Save the Nail ‘bridge the ridge’ amongst other polishes!


I was excited to try my new Barry M ‘Lychee’ and Avon ‘Smoky Plumes’ so I incorporated the two into one mani!


I quite liked it, but I wanted to add something more. So I got my stamping gear out. Bad idea! I’m just not good at stamping! I find it so hard to transfer my image from the plate to the stamper and so it takes me lots of attempts just to transfer. And then there is the task of putting it in the correct place on my nail. Aargh! After what seemed like a million tries and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy later, I managed to transfer 2 images on to each ring finger. Yes. Just. Two. Then I promptly ruined my middle finger, just to add to my frustration!

After my stamping catastrophe I decided to use glequins for my index finger which was so speedy to apply after my stamping episode! All in all, this honeycomb effect took about 10 minutes for both nails.


I like the end result, even though the overall mani took about 3 hours and made me mad. Aargh!


8 thoughts on “Smoky Plumes & Lychee Mani

  1. kellynns

    I love the colors used here!! I loved the first picture of your nails simple sometimes is just WONDERFUL! I am going to find the Soft Plumes color LOVE IT!!

  2. pocketmoneypolishes

    Sorry to hear about your stamping woes – what polishes are you using? I only every had problems with a couple of the really small stamp images I have (there is a particular deer whose antlers refuse to pick up). The first colour combination reminds me of a cappuccino (yum), I love the embellishments though. Need to get me some glequins!

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Hi! I am using Konad stamping polish with the Konad scrapers. I have been wondering if it could be the scrapers? Because the tutorials I watch, lots of people use a plastic card and the scrapers are metal. But from what I watch, I seem to be doing everything right so I don’t know why I’m so bad :( Thank you, I love this colour combination-they work so well together I think. Yeah the glequins are great!

      1. pocketmoneypolishes

        Hmm I have a konad scraper and not had a problem. I do find you can only do one scrape or you can clear out way too much polish, I have been told it is all about the pressure on the stamper – some polishes/plates need a harder push and others just a gentle roll. I am RUBBISH at placement though and get very frustrated – ah well, thats why we like nail art, it’s challenging.

      2. Ooh La La Nails Post author

        Yeah I think it must be my scrape technique that I need to work on. I know what you mean about the placement-when I do finally get an image to transfer I put it in the wrong place!! Haha! Yes it’s a challenge but we love it :D

  3. hollymackie54

    I love the glitter nail! How did you transfer them from the pot to the nail? It looks so neat – I would be likely just to dunk my nail and make a mess!! I am doing my nails tonight so will give it a go :) xx

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Aw thank you! I paint a coat of clear (preferably not speed dry, so it remains sticky) onto my nail first. To transfer from pot to nail I gently shake a few glequins into the lid of the pot, then I put a tiny bit of clear polish on to the end of a cocktail stick to make it tacky. Then with the tacky end I can pick up glequins individually and place them onto my nail. Then I lock them all in place with a few coats of clear. Hope this helps, can’t wait to see yours! :D xx


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