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Galaxy Pedi

I wanted something different on my toes this week, so I had a look on some of my nail blogs for inspiration! I saw some ‘galaxy nails’ on Instagram and was very intrigued! I looked on youtube and watched several tutorials. I took tips from the tutorials but chose my own colours. This is what I came up with:


I chose a glittery black for the base colour, then tore my sponge so I would have a jagged edge. You can see the colours I chose on the picture and I sponged them from left to right. I only sponged an area (not all of each nail) and kept sponging on top of that area. But not enough to colour the area in completely, just layering the colour so I was still able to see the other colours underneath.

After sponging I used a dotting tool to dot various sized dots on each nail to look like stars. After that I painted in the glitters, and that’s where the magic happened; the glitter made them look amazingly like a galaxy! Then I painted my seche vite on top for a gorgeous glossy shine.


I am so impressed with this pedi, it’s a shame the weather is rubbish and I can’t show my toes off :(