Avon Nail Wraps – Bows for You

Hi lovelies, I have some Avon Nail Wraps to show you today.

As an Avon rep I get to try some of the items in a demo/selling capacity, so I got to try out the nail wraps a little early! I am certain I used the same type of thing from the Avon years ago and found them quite good then.

These are the Bows for You wraps. I found some nails wraps easier to apply than others; some seemed very fiddly to place on my nail, while others were perfect to place. The first one I did was my thumb and there are lots of creases at the tip due to my rubbish first attempt! My middle finger is a little off centre too!



I found the filing tricky at first because I filed the edge of my nail directly and found that I was filing the nail wrap away and you could see my nail tip! So I found I needed to file beneath the nail tip to just file the wrap away.


I love the fact that you put them on, and can get on with anything because there is no drying time. I also love that you can have instant nail art with no fiddly tools and no clean up. I wonder how long they will last….


13 thoughts on “Avon Nail Wraps – Bows for You

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Thanks! Well it was quite tricky; I folded the remaining nail wrap over my nail, pulling out all the creases. Then I used my curved style file and filed gently on the underside of my nail. Then when it started to break I gently tore it off my nail. Sorry if that is no help at all, it’s hard to explain! Maybe I should take pictures next time.

      1. lacqueredbybluevanilla

        Haha oh! Thanks! Yes please, pictures would be nice! I really want to try some proper nail wraps but I’m really unsure about the filing process. I previously tried out something like full nail stickers, and I think they had a different texture to actual nail wraps so I could not file them off at all!

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