Moon Candy Ruffian Mani

Hi you lovely lot, I was trying to be very good and not buy any more polishes when I came across the Revlon Moon Candy range. It has a base colour at one end and a glitter topper at the other. Well I just had to try it out! I opted for Orbit, which is a deep purple with a blue/purple glitter.

For this mani I started out with two coats of Maybelline silver and a coat of holographic silver. Then I carefully painted my ruffian with the base colour. Then I added the glitter topper mainly on the tips of my nails.


What do you think? I love the glitter, it’s more like flakes than glitter. Flakes of moon candy!



9 thoughts on “Moon Candy Ruffian Mani

  1. Beauty by Brittany

    Thanks for posting this bc I am getting so tired of waiting for my nails to dry. And then when I think they are dry I end up denting them or sleeping on them getting the bed sheet design :/ I will have to give this a try. There’s a five below right next to my local grocery store :)

  2. Elise G

    I have three of the Moon Candies, but can’t seem to get the glitter to build up well! I like them, but I do wish they would have put MORE GLITTER in the topper side :) Going to have to revisit mine tonight and play around with it some more.


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