Denim Polish

Hi girlies, it appears that I have been MiA over the last week! I have been so busy that I have only painted my nails once, and that was my cupcake mani. I was very impressed because it lasted so well for 4 days, tip wear was really the only issue.


I have drastically cut my nails short and square as the damage to the tips is becoming very noticeable even with ridge filler. My nails seem to be very weak and peel easily. I think I need some ‘MAXIMUM GROWTH DAILY NAIL GROWTH PROGRAM’ or a Sally Hansen growth product as Jacqui at Craftynail mentions, to see if that will help my brittle nails. Any other suggestions?

I was walking through Asda (Wallmart) the other day browsing the beauty items when I saw a Denim polish for £3! naturally I had to buy it! Ciaté Denim Manicure retails at £12 so I had to try Asda’s version!

I loved the consistency and matte finish of the polish. It goes on beautifully and covers very well. I added some ‘stitching’ detail with my Barry M nail art pen.


What do you think? I didn’t have this mani on long because I wasn’t happy with the stitching on my right hand!


10 thoughts on “Denim Polish

  1. Craftynail

    Cute denim nails! Yeah i love that SH stuf. Eeeek swears by the stuff in the gold bottle… cant remember the exact name. I used to peel and break but i havent had a nail snafu since before julies challenge! Ive been wearing SH that whole time. Hope you like it too!

  2. Elise G

    Shut the front door…I’ve got a Denim Mani up today too! Come on over & check it out. You stitching is straighter than mine; I should have used a nail art pen, not a striper brush. Live and learn! Yours is lovely!

  3. Kitsu

    Your nails are so cute! I love the stitching. I just started using the Sally Hansen normal hardener as a base coat. Haven’t seen any results yet, but it seems like SH makes good nail products.


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