Ooh La La Nail Organisation

Hi everyone! I have added more to my nail collection and am quickly running out of places to put things!


My polish box is becoming overcrowded and now I have several bags on the go too. How do you store all your nail goodies?


11 thoughts on “Ooh La La Nail Organisation

  1. Lisa N.

    I have mine in one drawer in my computer table but its totally overflowing too. I’m planning to get a storage cube aka a melmer from Micheal’s to store them :)

  2. Julie

    I have a Melmer (stacking drawers in a box intended for scrapbooking supplies and such) which I got at a crafting store. Each drawer is just the right height for nail polish and can hold tons of bottles – I have 2 drawers of polish and 1 for accessories and top coats. The great thing about Melmers is that you can stack them on top of one another (they have little nubs that lock into the bottom of another set of drawers so they won’t slide off) if you grow out of one and need another!

  3. Elise G

    Helmer!! If you’ve got an IKEA near you (or they might even sell them online?) the Helmer is such the way to go. Affordable, has wheels, and I really don’t know what I did before mine!
    But I think the word “Melmer” is the cutest thing I’ve heard this week, too.


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