Long vs Short

I have had to cut my nails down, this makes me very sad because I loved the length of them. But they were getting weak and brittle at the end, so I needed to say goodbye to my luscious length.



13 thoughts on “Long vs Short

  1. Lisa N.

    I understand how you feel. I sometimes grow my nails a little longer than usual but then I’ll have to file them down because they aren’t strong on the ends. Your nails still look good to me though :)

  2. Craftynail

    I’m waiting for mine to do the same thing. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep mine long for too much longer!
    Shorter nails look nice with dark colors I think.

  3. Kelsey @ Polished Prescription

    Aww your nails still look great! I’ve been having the same problem with them peeling and being brittle because of the dry winter weather we had… ugh so frustrating! But I still think you’ll be able to rock those shorties! =)

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Thanks! I hate when they flake and peel, it makes me frustrated too! I think Sally Hansen bamboo nourishment is helping because I haven’t been able to have them this long without breaking for a while, so I will definitely be using that more and more!

      1. Craftynail

        I used a bottle of Sally Hansen stuff called “Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program” during the 30 day challenge and I loved it! I like it better than nail envy! I don’t think they make this exact formula anymore (it was from an old french mani kit) but I bet any of their new products with MAXIMUM GROWTH in the name might work good too. I wonder if the bamboo stuff is similar then?

      2. Ooh La La Nails Post author

        Maybe it is. I will have to search for that and see if I can find anything. I love anything that helps keep my nails long and strong!

  4. helenhandbag

    It took a little getting used to but I love my nails short now! There’s still so much you can do even without the extra bit, and it’s easier to maintain :-)


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