Glitter Help Please Beauties!

Hi fellow nailoholics, a quick question that I’m throwing out to you!

What is the best gold/silver glitter polish for a glitter gradient?

I don’t know if you saw my glitter gradient yesterday, but this is the type of glitter I want in gold and/or silver. The particular glitter in my gradient is Nina Pro ‘Call the Coppers’, but I could not find a gold or silver version in the shop.

I’m finding that all the glitters I look at are chunky with larger flecks in and I really want one very similar in size to the Nina Pro one.

I’m hoping my fellow nail bloggers can understand my crazy talk!

Anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions would be great.


6 thoughts on “Glitter Help Please Beauties!

  1. tattylou84

    Have you tried Barry M, Claires Accessories or Accessorize? I have a blue one from Barry M with tiny glitter and I’m sure they do other colours too. I also have a silver one from Claires that I was given as part of a selection pack of minis (with red, gold, silver, blue and magenta) at Christmas from one of my class! They are a little bit gloopy though!!

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      Thanks for your suggestions! I have some Barry M glitters but they seem to be larger glitter-maybe I need to go have another look for their tiny glitter. Are the Claire’s ones good for coverage though?

  2. Craftynail

    I have found that some cheap drug store brands have small glitters. I’m sure you can’t find the same brands as me- but I have some cheapo L.A. Colors from a dollar store that has very small glitters in them. I know, not very helpful….

  3. Kitsu

    I have some Art Deco polishes with small glitters like that. I think I got them at a dollar store. You could try buying loose glitter from a craft store and mixing it in with something too?

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      In my pound shop here in the UK, I have only noticed that they mainly sell unloved nail polish colours, that are slightly unpopular. I’ve never come across any glitter. Yeah maybe loose glitter would be an option.


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