Nail Challenge Day 12: Fishtail

Hi beauties, welcome to day 12 of Julie’s 30 day nail challenge today the theme is fishtail.

(the flash picture is better)



I had to work really hard on this! It took lots of concentration to think which ones to overlap and which ones to put underneath-even now I think I’ve done some wrong! I quite like the effect of the design, but if I did I again I would make sure I had thicker more opaque polishes, for example I used pink, blue and silver and the silver is slightly too sheer. I wanted to use red, blue and silver for Union Jack colours, but my red went all gloopy :(

I think I need to practise more with this design, but it wasn’t all bad for a first attempt.


2 thoughts on “Nail Challenge Day 12: Fishtail

  1. shortandsweetintexas

    Lovely! I like the silver accent mixed in with the creme colors. I still haven’t decided what color scheme to use with my fishtail braid…


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