Big Ruby

Hi all! I had a nice little delivery from Big Ruby Tattoos today and was very eager to try! I was so eager in fact that I put tattoos on 6 of my fingers! I had the ‘his’, ‘garden’ and ‘line up’ sets.


I tried the ‘his’ and ‘line up’ sets today. They’re quite straight forward to apply and the packs come with full instructions.


I completely ruined my little finger nail tattoo so had to repaint and use another! But I’m loving how easy they are to apply!


I have:
Thumb: skull & cross bones (his)
Index: glequin half moon
Middle: brown & teal line (line up)
Ring: Living Daylights Opi Bond collection
Little: glasses (his)


6 thoughts on “Big Ruby

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      They are quite expensive. I think it depends on how you use them, because if you just use one at a time they would probably last quite a while. I am undecided at the moment whether I would buy more if I ran out.

  1. lacquerlackey

    I was just going to say that I wanted to try these, but I’m not big into spending a lof of money on stuff I may or may not use, but I probably will anyway lol I love the skull and crossbones!

    1. Ooh La La Nails Post author

      I’m glad I purchased them because there is lots to chose from and it’s a simple and fast way to jazz up a mani. There are lots of designs that go with lots of colour combos so you could get quite a bit of use out of them ;)


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