A Stamping Tale

I saw a Youtube tutorial a while ago about stamping, and as any polishaholic would be, I was instantly interested. I ordered a bundle monster stamping plates set, konad stamping polish, konad plate holder and stamp from Amazon UK. Then I set off eagerly to stamp. The videos made it look so simple, yet there I was, struggling to wipe the stamping polish off the plate correctly, then trying to transfer the image and actually stamping it on my nail. After refusing to give up, and beginning to get the hang of it, this was my first result:


I didn’t think my first attempt was terrible, even though the stars are wonky, but I definitely was not happy with it. So the following day I tried again and came up with this:


Which was much better than the first attempt, as I could get the image from the plate more easily. I am still very much a stamp newbie but it is all becoming easier. I struggle to transfer bigger designs but I’m hoping if I practise enough that I will look like those girls on the video!


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