Nail Preparation

In case some of you were wondering, and to save time when posting, here are my essential nail preparation tools.


1. Models Own nail buffer, Nails Inc Miracle shine buffer, clippers, nail scissors, orange stick, cocktail sticks.

2. Avon Gel Strength base coat and Avon Peeling and Brittleness solver base coats.

3. Nails Inc Caviar 45 second base and top coat.

4. Nails Inc Save the Nail 45 second top coat.

I regularly use items in box 1 to prepare my nails for a mani. My Avon base coats are brilliant; fast drying, strengthening and not too expensive. I love Nails Inc Caviar and switch between the different base and top coats. My ultimate favourite however, is Save the Nail. It is so quick drying and goes on super well.

Why the cocktail sticks, I hear you ask! They are perfect for neatening up the cuticle line just after painting. Also for adding things to the nail, but more on that later!


2 thoughts on “Nail Preparation

  1. oohlalanails Post author

    Yes I know what you mean! I am always a bit sceptical about things like that. But my nails have visibly improved since I started using the peeling and brittleness solver. The ends used to flake because of a bad bio gel removal :(


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